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Scale preventer Elica Inox


The stainless steel magnetic scale preventers Elica Inox are made from AISI 304 stainless steel blocks and can be used in many industrial water treatment traditional fields (iron and steel industry, metallurgic, foods, etc.) and specific fields too.

anticalcare Elica Inox per usi industriali

Materials and treatments used during the construction of the stainless steel scale preventer allow to employ Elica Inox also in case of acidulous water or brackish water and in particular way it can be used in coastal areas, industrial chemistry and pharmaceutics fields.

The stainless steel magnetic scale preventers Elica Inox is recommended for hard vibrating stress or high pressure works and its solid body avoid any kind of break or burst due to welded or jointed pieces so that leakages problems are definitely solved.

The treated water forced through the scale preventer does not get in contact with the inside or outside magnets (Neodymium - NdFeB). The magnets are protected by hard anodized aluminium involucres that ensure corrosion resistance and by AISI 304 stainless steel involucres.

Esploso anticalcare elica inox

The high quality materials used, the outside magnets, the set of coaxial magnets and the inside cochlea make the physical anti limestone water treatment Elica Inox higly efficacious. The cochlea has the task to give a whirling motion to the water flow crossing into the magnetic scale preventer, in this way the whole volume of water is entirely influenced by the magnetic field generated.

The Elica Inox scale preventer can satisfy many different types of requirements and in addition to it's ordinary 2", 3" and 4" sizes it can be produced in bigger sizes on client's request.