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About us - Descaler for water treatment


In the business since the early eighties, ELCLA started off by manufacturing and selling fuel oil additives to improve combustion and reduce pollution.

Daily contacts with industry, where the problem of scaling is deeply felt, and the owner's environmental awareness led the company to develop and test means capable of preventing the formation of scale by applying a principle of physics that has been known for many decades.

The fact that most leading Italian companies routinely used ELCLA products encouraged the company to develop the MAGNETIC DESCALER also called ionic accelerator for household and industrial use. The invaluable support of a fully equipped engineering office and a state-of-the-art production bay has contributed to the development of a high-tech product with an excellent quality-price ratio. In water treatment our descaler is a valid alternative to water softeners depending on an ion-exchange resin or filters.

This brand-new descaler removes scale extremely efficiently without causing any damage to the environment. Welcome to our "environmentally friendly" website.

Elcla magnetic scale preventer environmentally friendly